A large wall covered in a graffito of an adult hand passing a spray-can to child's hand.

This site was founded by Graham Hitchen, with the support of Tom Campbell and Alan Freeman.

All three have been closely involved in the development of cultural policy in the GLA family from its inception in 2000.

Graham Hitchen

Graham Hitchen was the founding Head of Creative London, and Project Director for Creative Industries, Manufacturing and Design at the London Development Agency. Prior to that, he had been Acting Head of Culture at the Greater London Authority.

Tom Campbell

Tom was previously Head of Creative Industries at the LDA, and was a core member of the team running the Mayor’s Commission on Creative Industries in 2002 and 2003. He was also instrumental in the development of Creative London in 2004.

Alan Freeman

Alan Freeman has been leading the work of GLA Economics on Creative Industries, undertaking a range of seminal research studies on mapping sectoral data in London.